Soaps – Handmade with Love 

Only by Swara Bliss

Sprout Bags Packaging 

The new packaging comes with what we call them as Sprout Bags. These Sprout bags are environment friendly and are made up of a delicately chosen seeds to brighten up your garden. Once crushed, planted in Soil and watered well with Sunlight, these bags will transform into a beautiful plant.It is our very small initiative to save the Mother Earth.

Ylang-Ylang Soap 

Unique combination of papaya, cucumber and ylang ylang essential oil gives skin the best possible bath-spa experience.


Best Feature : Relaxations effect on body and mind, refreshing fragrance, lower high blood pressure too. 

Strawberry Donut Soap 

Something really exciting for all the ages, try this fun soap with its unique fragrance and features. 

Benefits: Amazing attractive gift and self pampering. Makes skin soft subtle. 


Treat for coffee lover across globe;Who would not like to have a buttery bath time with Coffee aroma. 


Best Feature : fights free radicals thus one of the best anti ageing agent, reduces dark circle, tighten skin & many more. 


 Oh, that fragrance of pure Vanilla Essential Oil with Sugar can uplift anyone’s spirit…. !

It’s a pure treat for skin with mild scrub! 


Best Feature : Super Yummy Fragrance, Vanilla reduces skin infections, Sugar helps shedding dead skin.

Premium Soap – Coco Butter Goat’s Milk with Pink Lotus Fragrance.

 Fights off the free radical from skin thus helps keeping skin youthful , heels scars, deeply moisturise the skin. 

Benefits: Skin Healer, lessen stretch marks, Moisturise. 


 One of the best Protector from environmental stressors , with its soothing fragrance and Goat’s milk combination , this soap does wonders on skin. 


Best Feature: Anti-Ageing and provide natural oil to skin. 


 Activated Charcoal binds the dust and oil unwanted material from skin pores and pull them out with simple wash. Tea Tree Essential and Eucalyptus enhance the effect of this wonderful soap. 


Best Feature: Anti microbial, Anti septic, treat pimple effectively. 


 Shea Butter with Rose Essential oil and Rose petal makes a unique combination for all those who like mild floral fragrance with extra moisturiser in soap. 


Best Feature : Shea Butter treats many skin problems, including blemishes, wrinkles, itching, sunburns, small skin wounds, eczema, skinallergies, insect bites, frost bite, and other skin conditions and Rose Essential best in cleaning fine lines on face.


 Natural loofah are made of dry gourd and one of the best natural way to clean the body and remove dead skin. Before using it , soak it little in water so that it can soften a bit. Enjoy the bath time with loofah soap infused with Rose essential oil.


Best Feature:Complete skin care. Removes cracking skin and callus from feet.


 Activated Charcoal with Shea Butter and Lavender Essential Oil makes a perfect date with bath time routine.


Best Feature : Antibacterial, Soothing Fragrance, Moisturise skin, reduces blotchy patches. 


 Talking about seasonal soaps, we have amazing all time favourite Mango Fruit based soap, made of pure mango butter with Pure Mango essential oil. 


Best Feature : Daily use helps in reducing fine lines, patchy skin, heal scars. and many more..


This wonderful spice does wonders on skin with combination of goat’s milk and bergamot essential oil ; this unique combinations makes skin glow from within. 


Best Feature : Bergamot unclog pores, calming aroma with benefits of clear skin, Turmeric antiseptic and anti bacterial, removes dark spot if any. 


  A unique combination of Papaya, Sugar, Rice Glutathione with soothing fragrance. It is best de tanner for anytime. Just a daily wash can do wonder. Seasonal Product. Store it at dark , dry and cool place and keep it. It contains no preservative, we recommend it to be used within a month after opening. 


 Best Feature: Natural whitener, Mild scrub, Removes fine lines. 

Spice it Up 

 Medium intensity scrub, made for people who loves to experiment and explore in skin care routine. Cinnamon essential oil spice up the morning as stress buster. Walnut granules removes the dead skin. 


Best Feature : Removes blemishes, anti depressant, Medium strength Scrub pretty good for removing dead skins and cleaning dark knees and elbow. 

Citrus Affair 

Freshness of citrus fruits along with a beautiful cloudy designs, set smile on everyone face. 


Best Feature: Citrus fragrance, Silky feel, Boost happiness. 

Watermelon & Pineapple Soap 

This combination is for the people who love sweet, fruity exotic smell and colourful appearance. It is hard to ignore. 


Best Feature: Fresh fragrance, amazing soft silky touch feel after use. 

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Disclaimer:- As these products are completely handmade their colour & design may vary from batch to batch.