Lip Balms 

Undying love for Natural Lip Balms

Non Tinted Lip balms 

Amazing collection of simple yet unique Lip Balms. These are made mainly from pure cold pressed oils and Unrefined body butters. We have four varieties in this category:-

Vanilla Coconut Lip balm 

Beautifully crafted with simple ingredients like Extra virgin coconut oil and Vanilla essential oils. Perfect for everyday use. 

Coco Butter with Rose Petals 

Oh! that chocolate fragrance with slight vanilla and almond oil makes your day happy and bright. 

Spicy Affair Lip balm

Thought of having Cinnamon with coconut and honey?? Try this lip balm. 

You will for sure love it.

Rosemary Peppermint Lip balm 

This is lip balm for those who prefer having plum lips with slight minty fragrance. We suggest pick it for once to know more about it. 

Tinted Lip balms 

Launching soon

Unrefined Coco butter and Cold-pressed Jojoba oil with Slight scrub feel due to presence of pure dried Acai Blue Berries powder gives a mild tint on lips and also scrub off dead skin of lips. Use it once in a day for a best result. Try this lip-balm, it is full of natural antioxidants.

Beetroot, Unrefined Shea Butter along with Extra virgin coconut oil.. is staple food for lips. It gives that mild tinted shade to lips and with a amazing scrubbing feel it peels off the dead skin from lips gently. 



Brownie Beauty with unique combination of cinnamon powder, cinnamon essential oil with honey and shea butter. It leaves a hint of golden brown shade on lips and make soft,